This is the official home page for the Naval Science department at Oregon State University and the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC). If you are interested in learning more about our programs, we encourage you to look around our site and contact our staff with any questions you may have. This site contains general information for both current and prospective students, as well as resources for active duty STA-21 and MECEP students. This site in an official U.S. Navy website.  U.S. Navy Privacy Policy

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Naval ROTC New Student Orientation

Naval ROTC candidates are encouraged to attend this group orientation. For more details please review our webpage or contact surface@oregonstate.edu.…
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OSU News

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OSU announces lineup for second season of ‘SAC Presents’

Aug 29, 2016
'SAC Presents,' a visual and performing arts events series sponsored by the School of Arts and Communication at Oregon State University, will return for its second season in 2016-17.… Read full story.
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Research outlines cellular communication processes that make life possible

Aug 29, 2016
Researchers have discovered a mechanism of intercellular communication that helps explain how biological systems function properly most of the time, and sometimes remarkably well.… Read full story.
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Important advance made with new approach to “control” cancer, not eliminate it

Aug 25, 2016
Researchers have created a new drug delivery system to aid an emerging concept in cancer treatment – to control tumors, not necessarily aiming for their complete elimination.… Read full story.
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Lacking other meaningful data, university faculty devise their own teaching evaluation systems

Aug 23, 2016
Faculty teaching in the STEM disciplines at large research universities are devising their own systems to collect instructional data from their classrooms and using that data to inform their teaching, new research shows.… Read full story.
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Heat conditions prompt reminder about smoking, fires on OSU property and forests

Aug 19, 2016
Due to heat levels that may break records this coming weekend, OSU officials are reminding people of the year-round smoking ban on university property, especially in research forests.… Read full story.