The United States Navy offers two main scholarship programs to the 89 Colleges and Universities in the United States.

Four-year Scholarship offers full tuition, fees, and uniforms for students wishing to seek a career in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. In addition, the scholarship includes a book stipend to offset the cost of textbooks and a monthly allowance. To apply for a four-year scholarship, please go to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps website at for more application information and exact due dates.

If you are not accepted for a Four-year Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) scholarship, it is still possible for you to attend OSU as an Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps student.  Just follow the application procedures for a College Program student. If accepted you will be a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Battalion while learning and training with us.

You can be resubmitted for a three-year scholarship after your freshman year if you have good grades, good training habits, and have applied yourself well as part of the Beaver Battalion. We also have two-year scholarships available after your sophomore year, if needed.

If you have already accepted a Four-year NSTC scholarship, you will need to submit to us IMMEDIATELY your Uniform Fitting Sheet (Male Uniform Fitting Sheet / Female Uniform Fitting Sheet). The uniform sheet is extremely important because your uniforms are ordered before you come to New Student Orientation (NSO). The Uniform Fitting Sheet needs to be filled out by a qualified seamstress or tailor. If an alteration professional cannot be found in your community, ask your local cleaners if they have someone who can help you.

Physical fitness is a must for all future officers. If you do not have a fitness plan, or would like to start a new Navy approved program please check out our work out plan.