2011 – 2012

Navigation Boat Ex

The Navigation II class participates in an exercise to enhance understanding of the principles of navigation at sea.

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Spring Ball 2012

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Spring Awards

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Commander Volpe's Retirement

On 24 February, the beaver battalion’s former Executive officer, Commander Volpe, received his orders for his retirement from the navy after over 36 years of active service. He enlisted in into the Navy in 1975 and rose to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. After receiving is bachelor’s degree and graduating OCS, he was commissioned as an officer in 1987. In his 36 years of service, commander Volpe operated aboard the USS Frederick, Duluth and Boxer. He was stationed as navy ambassador at head quarters Marine Corps as well as head of amphibious programs in the expeditionary policy branch. He received the Meritorious Service Medal three times, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal four times, and Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal twice. Commander Volpe’s presence will be missed, at our unit and throughout the navy. He has made an enormous impact on the lives of the midshipman he encountered and he has left his positive mark on the navy. Good luck, Sir. Fair winds and following seas.

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Semper Fi Book Drive

On 24 and 26 Feb, the Marine Options Midshipmen from Oregon State’s Naval ROTC could be found helping the Friends of the Libraries organization moving over 1800 boxes of books to and from their annual book sale. The organization, comprised solely of volunteers, started over 50 years ago with its first donation of $85.00 and has grown exponentially, grossing $21,000 from their most recent drive. The Friends of the Libraries donates all the money they raise to help local libraries conduct programs that normally wouldn’t have a place in the budget, things like the summer reading program or the purchase of new furniture and e-readers. “We couldn’t do it without them” was something heard more than once during the weekend as marines and midshipmen packaged, loaded, transported, unloaded and sorted through truckloads of boxes.

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Aviation McMinnville Air Museum

The NROTC Aviation Club took a trip to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinville on February 18th, to learn about the various aeronautic achievements from the past that have shaped aviation into what it is today. The club saw aircraft, from one of the largest airplanes in history, the Spruce Goose, to the world’s fastest manned airplane, the SR-71 Blackbird. There were various exhibits throughout the museum ranging from the Wright brothers, to the fighters and bombers of WWII, to the more recent F-14 and F-15. Also toured were the spacecraft technologies of the past including rockets, rovers, and unmanned exploration vehicles. The group had a blast and loved the opportunity to learn about the aviation field and how it has evolved over the past century.

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Commander's Cup

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Commissioning F11

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Naval Fall Ball

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Marine Cake-Cut

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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) provides incoming NROTC students a few of the basic but essential skills necessary to excel as a student in the program. Candidates participate in physical training sessions, close order drill practice, and classroom-style and informal classes teaching several aspects of military and student life. Though teamwork is one of the most central aspects of the training, qualities such as bearing, integrity, and responsibility are also instilled in the young members who will one day serve as the Navy and Marine Corps finest leaders.

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