Welcome to Oregon State University NROTC, one of the largest contingents of active duty sailors and marines of any NROTC school in the nation.

Once you receive orders to OSU, you will be assigned an active duty sponsor
from within the unit. Your sponsor is there to help you with your move
out to Corvallis as well as getting you situated within the unit.

They can assist you with housing, questions about OSU, the unit and
any other issues you may have. If you’ve been unable to contact
your sponsor, or have not been assigned a sponsor for any reason, please
contact our Active Duty Liaison and they will put you touch with the correct person.


The unit is open Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 0800 until 1600. Uniform of the Day is khakis (Navy) or Alpha’s (Marine). When checking in please bring your service record, medical and dental records, as well as all DITY and other moving paperwork.  Be sure to save all gas and toll receipts from your move to submit with your DITY paperwork.

For those individuals reporting during the summer, please bring $20 with which to purchase a Battalion polo shirt.  Khaki pants and these polo shirts (muftis) are the summer uniform at the unit and you will be wearing these for the first few days while you get situated.

Please be aware of the parking sections around campus to avoid a parking ticket, you will not be reimbursed. Visitor parking day passes are available at kiosks located in parking garages and some parking lots on campus.

Things to do before you arrive

  • Make sure you’ve completed a Degree Completion Plan for your advisor.
  • Fax a copy of your orders to OSU in order to establish residency.
  • Schedule a meeting with your OSU faculty advisor.
  • Please email our active duty liaison with any further questions you may have.