new students meet marine officer

Twenty-four incoming Oregon State students participated in the NROTC New Student Orientation (NSO) program on 14-18 September at the Oregon Military Academy in Monmouth, Oregon.

Over the course of five days the candidates received a consolidated introduction to the requirements and benefits of NROTC participation including physical training, basic drill, team building, and various “best habits” / expectations classes. The students learned military customs and courtesies, how to wear and care for their uniform, Naval core values, and leadership skills, among other lessons.

During the training, the Student Staff Instructors chose a stand out candidate who showed exemplary enthusiasm and capability. This year’s outstanding candidate award was given to, Midshipman Barajas. “Going in to [NSO] I didn’t expect it to be as difficult. I’m glad to have completed NSO because it brought me closer to the other candidates. Without this program we wouldn’t have the same connection [as a class],” said MIDN Barajas.

A recognition ceremony for friends and family was held at the Naval Armory for the candidates’ successful completion of the NSO program and to officially welcome them into the OSU NROTC Beaver Battalion as Midshipmen. “I’m very proud of him for joining the unit. I’m glad that he is able to serve, because not everyone can,” said John Hoskins, father of MIDN Hoskins.

Friends or family members interested in receiving pictures of NSO, should feel free to contact their participating Midshipman from the program for access.