On October 29, 2016, the Beaver Battalion hosted the fourth annual OSU NROTC Alumni Tailgater. NROTC OSU alumni, friends, family, and members of the Beaver Battalion enjoyed the event through games, televised football, food, and a dessert contest.  Some of the classrooms also incorporated slideshows of pictures of recent events to show the visiting alumni.

Dean Rivera-Mills, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at OSU, spoke about the excellent example Midshipmen provide for the university and the extensive engagement initiatives the NROTC unit and Beaver Battalion has with the University. Stan Smith (’72), alumni group sponsor and Beaver Battalion alumnus, also made an appearance and spoke of the impact that the alumni have on the current generation of Midshipmen through their financial support. The oldest alumni member recognized at the event was William Shoen (’56), a Marine officer who earned his commission through the Beaver Battalion.

Terry Daughterty (’72), who was the former CO of aviation training squadron VT-19 with the current Professor of Naval Science and Unit CO, CAPT Nisbett, said “I enjoyed this event, it’s always good to reconnect with old friends and I enjoy talking with the current Midshipmen.”

An official unveiling of the newly renovated Lt Col Nelson Olf Obstacle Course took place during the tailgater. The obstacle course which had been deemed unsafe for Midshipmen to use since the winter of 2014, was rebuilt over the summer 2016. Since this course provides many battalion members a significant training resource for OCS and Mountain Warfare Training, its return to service was welcomed by current students and alumni alike.

Current students were given the opportunity to talk with the alumni during the event, learning about their military experience and gaining practical advice. Midshipman Cypert, a freshman in the Beaver Battalion, said “It was a great opportunity to be able to speak to the alumni. It was an inspiring, encouraging experience that makes me excited to serve in the Navy and create the many memories as they did.”

Alumni interested in reconnecting with the Beaver Battalion Alumni Group are encouraged to contact Stan Smith, the group coordinator.