Naval Reserve Officers Training Corp Platoon marching in Albany Veterans Day parade

The Beaver Battalion hosted and participated in various events to honor our nation’s veterans, including the 241st Marine Corps cake cut ceremony, a Veterans Day ceremony, and the Albany Veterans Day Parade.

On 10 November the Beaver Battalion hosted the annual Marine Corps cake cut ceremony to honor the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. The oldest Marine present was Herbert Dominguez, a Guadalcanal Veteran born in 1920. A brief message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Robert Neller, proudly displayed the great history and heritage of the United States Marine Corps. LtCol Nelson Olf, USMC (ret.) also spoke at this year’s event with remarks from his service experiences and sage advice for our future junior officers. Happy 241st Birthday Marine Corps, Semper Fidelis.

The Battalion also participated in the annual Veterans Day ceremony held on the Memorial Union Quad on 10 November, which was organized by the Oregon State University Air Force ROTC unit. The guest of honor was Air Force Capt. Jonathan Hayes who logged more than 2,000 flying hours and 356 combat missions in the cockpit of an F-4 Phantom during the Vietnam War. He spoke proudly of his service and the lessons of teamwork and discipline that he learned while serving.

On Veterans Day, 11 November, 45 Midshipmen from the battalion participated in the 65th annual Albany Veterans Day Parade. This parade is known to be the largest parade held in the country, west of the Mississippi river, for Veterans Day.   There were thousands of spectators to view the passing battalion’s banner, color guard and a platoon of Midshipmen led by MIDN Foersch and MIDN Mosqueda.