Apply for Housing

All freshmen are required to live in one of the residence halls their first year at OSU. Finley Hall has approximately 30 rooms on the 7th floor reserved for Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC students. Placement in Finley is not guaranteed and another residence hall may be assigned to you if you do not note your ROTC affiliation and request it. This will also pave the way for early move in housing while attending NSO. If you have not completed the Online Housing Application and reviewed the instructions for dorm housing, please do so by June if possible. For more details refer to Fall Term move-in Guide or contact the UHDS at 541-737-4771.

NSO participants will be returned to Corvallis from the NSO activities and be given plenty of time to move into their dorm room. Accommodations may be made for time conflicts in any resident hall by contacting your Resident Assistant.

EARLY move-in may be granted when the UHDS has received confirmation from the NROTC office that you are fully enrolled in our New Student Orientation program. They will charge your student account $22 for each night that is prior to your contracted housing date.

Physical Training

Physical fitness is a significant challenge for our incoming, fourth class midshipmen.  During NSO you will have physical training every day and will take the Navy or Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and a Swimming Test during the fall term. The Navy Physical Readiness Guide will help you prepare for NSO. Running, performing sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and swimming for at least four weeks prior to arrival may help you to minimally pass these tests. Students must be familiar with the Navy Physical Fitness Standards and Marine Corps Physical Fitness Standards prior to arrival at NSO. 

Summer Reading

Please read The Strategic Student, by David Cass, originally published by Uvize Inc. in 2011. The Commanding Officer will be teaching a seminar based on this book and will expect everyone to participate in the discuss.

Administrative Forms

You must provide your original birth certificate issued by the state or hospital. We will make a certified copy in our office. You must also provide your immunization records, insurance information, and a sports physical examination (may be sent in separately) performed within 90 days prior to attending NSO.

Students must be familiar with the Commanding Officer's Policy and OSU NROTC Battalion Goals before arriving at New Student Orientation. 

Attending START

The NSO schedule does not allow time for university placement exams, meeting with your academic advisors, or to schedule classes. These tasks should be accomplished prior to NSO and/or during one of the OSU Student Advising and Registration sessions (START). 

The START program and Advance Tuition Deposit are mandatory for admission to OSU and registration for classes.  Please call (541) 737-7627 to register for START if you have not already done so, or if you have any questions regarding START.

OSU Welcome Week

NSO is designed to complement the universities Welcome Week experience. Welcome Week activities are optional for most students on campus, but are mandatory for all incoming (freshman) midshipmen.

Student Taffrail Dues

This is an annual contribution by all NROTC students. Freshmen should be prepared to pay $110 at NSO sign-in. This fee covers the cost of a unit polo shirt, student fees at formal events, and NROTC events such as Northwest Navy. Checks are to be made out to the OSU NROTC Midshipman Taffrail.


New Student Orientation and all other NROTC activities are voluntary. You do not have to participate and may drop from the program at any time.

NSO Graduation & Midshipman Oath

The graduation and oath ceremony will take place at the unit on Sunday, September 17th at 4:00 p.m. Our long-standing tradition is to meet after the NSO graduation ceremony with all of our unit midshipmen and their guests for a cook-out at the Naval Armory. Please let us know how many guests will be attending your application cover sheet.

Future Events

Please also plan to attend the annual Beaver Battalion Foxhole & Fantail Alumni Muster held at the Naval Armory. We meet three hours before the Homecoming football game. This is a tailgater hosted by our generous Alumni. All members of the unit will be expected to attend whether you plan to attend the game or not. This is a great opportunity to meet former graduates and learn from their career choices and military experiences.

If we can be of any further assistance, please contact our office at 541-737-6289 or email