Oregon State University’s NROTC New Student Orientation (NSO) is a five-day introductory program designed to teach Midshipmen candidates the skills, abilities, and competencies required by the NROTC program. Twenty-Eight incoming OSU students participated in this year’s NSO on 13 September – 17 September. 

Candidates arrived early Wednesday morning with friends and family, having only a slight understanding of the training in which they were about to participate.  After a short introductory speech by the OSU NROTC Commanding Officer, NSO squad instructors quickly raised the intensity and began the training program. NSO squad instructors are current members of the NROTC battalion who are of the highest caliber. Squad instructors consisted of active duty Sailors, Marines, and senior Midshipmen who continually provided knowledge and insight to the candidates.

Throughout the training, candidates participated in various team-building exercises, physical training, and close order drill. Candidates also received several hours of instruction on essential leadership skills, military customs and courtesies, and proper uniform wear.

After five strenuous days of leadership and character building, twenty-six candidates marched with intensity and composure onto the quarterdeck, and became Oregon State University NROTC Midshipmen. Of all the incoming Midshipmen, the NSO squad instructors unanimously selected MIDN Stefanou as the “Gung-Ho” Outstanding NSO Graduate. Stefanou said “I realized the experience brought my classmates and I closer together. We graduated with more knowledge about military discipline, courtesies, and the importance of immediate fast learning and understanding while under pressure.”