Students marching with fake rifles

New Student Orientation (NSO) is an introductory training evolution for new midshipmen to welcome them into the program. This year the training focused on incoming 4/C midshipmen, with a few 3/C midshipmen who joined the program late in their freshman year. Midshipmen were able to conduct physical fitness tests, learn how to drill, participate in team building activities, conduct swim qualifications, and connect with other Oregon State NROTC midshipmen. The purpose of this training is to help new midshipmen learn how to operate in a military structured environment while also providing them with connections to campus.

Training was conducted the week prior to the start of the Fall Term (16SEP - 19SEP), which helps to cultivate a team environment for the start of the school year. These midshipmen were trained at the unit and around the OSU campus, utilizing training spaces such as the O-Course, as well as the Osborn Aquatic Center and Corvallis Fire Department. We welcome this NSO class as a part of the Beaver Battalion and look forward to seeing them grow as individuals and leaders during their time in the program!