Students in Camouflage Gear and paint guns

Recently on May 20-22, Semper Fi conducted its annual Field Exercise (FEX) at Camp Adair. It is the culminating event of the year for Marine Option midshipmen with the purpose of preparing juniors heading to Officer Candidate School (OCS) this summer. In addition to sleeping in the field and a 9-mile hike, the Juniors were evaluated on their 5-Paragraph Order skills, leadership, tactics, ability to make quick decisions under stress, and night land navigation.

“The purpose of our annual Field Exercise, or FEX, is to prepare Marine Option Midshipmen for graded events at OCS out in the field. It is a  culminating training that reminds us not only to develop our technical skills but also to train our will in preparation for the rigorous nature of OCS. It is just one step in a long pipeline of training in order to change young and ambitious college students into leaders of Marines.” – MIDN 2/c Levesque

Senior Marine Options and Navy Options supported this exercise by participating as the opposing force (OPFOR) for the objective missions.