Oregon State University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) hosted this year’s Northwest Navy (NWN) competition on April 7-8. The annual competition can be traced to the early 1950’s and the fierce competition and camaraderie it’s remembered for was on full display.  NWN is a mental and physical competition between four NROTC units: Oregon State University, University of Idaho/Washington State University, University of Washington, and University of Utah. The opening ceremony, held on April 7th at the Memorial Union Ballroom, was attended by over 300 other MIDN, staff, alumni, and families.

The competition began the next morning at 0600 sharp, with the Physical Readiness Test. The total competitive events included: five military (physical readiness test, combat fitness test, obstacle course, color guard, close order drill), five sporting (volleyball, soccer, basketball, tug of war, swimming), and one academic (academic bowl).

Congratulations to CAPT Johnson and the midshipmen of the University of Washington for being crowned the overall champions with a final score of 37. The Beaver Battalion took first place in the obstacle course, soccer, and volleyball, and second place overall with a final score of 32.

This inter-unit competition promoted esprit de corps for the entire battalion and provided endless leadership opportunities for our midshipmen; and could not have been as successful without alumni donations and support. Thank you!

One commanding officer commented about this event, “Last year my seniors said NWN was the single best event of their MIDN time.”

The Oregon State Beavers look forward to taking their talents to Utah next year, where they hope to bring home another championship. GO BEAVS