Welcome to the Oregon State University (OSU) Naval ROTC unit. We are a leading commissioning source for the Navy and Marines, and the only Naval ROTC unit in Oregon. 

Corvallis, Oregon

Corvallis is one of the most beautiful places to live in the Pacific Northwest. Within an hour drive from the Willamette Valley, you can be on the Oregon coast enjoying beautiful sandy beaches and quaint tourist towns with renowned restaurants specializing in fresh seafood. A short drive East will take you into the Cascade Range and up to mountains such as Three Sisters, Mount Jefferson or Mount Bachelor. The range is distinguished for its camping, hiking and skiing. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in Oregon and some of our more famous sites are Crater Lake, Multnomah Falls, Silver Falls, Canon Beach and Smith Rock

Learn more about why our legacy of excellence has earned us the title, Best in the West…and the Rest! on our Why OSU NROTC? page. There are many steps to processing your new position at Oregon State University. On this page you will find an immense amount of information that can help you get started and be of great resource before you arrive. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us regarding them. 

Contact #'s for staff:
  • Commanding Officer (CO)  -  (541) 737-5606     
  • Executive Officer (XO)  -  (541) 737-5607     
  • Marine Officer Instructor (MOI)  -  (541) 737-5608     
  • Senior Enlisted Advisor  -  (541) 737-5617
  • Junior Class Advisor  -  (541) 737-5611       
  • Sophomore Class Advisor  -  (541) 737-5610     
  • Freshman Class Advisor  -  (541) 737-5620 
  • OSU Administrative Program Assistant  -  (541) 737-9298     
  • USN Admin & HR Officer  -  (541) 737-2364     
  • USN Supply Technician  -  (541) 737-5619
  • Main Office Line  -  (541) 737-6289
What to expect:

You will be contacted by the Administrative Program Assistant in order to begin paperwork for your nomination as Courtesy Staff at Oregon State University. They will be:

  1. Contacting you to get your Transcript, Bio and Picture
  2. After receiving the above, they will send you an OSU "Proposal Letter" for signing
  3. After returning the letter, they will send you an OSU "Offer Letter" for signing
  4. Upon receiving the signed "Offer Letter" back they will send you the "Personal Demographics Form"
  5. After they submit all forms to OSU, you will receive a "Welcome to OSU" email message. 

The "Welcome to OSU" email message will contain your ONID (Oregon State Network Identification), which will allow you access to the OSU networks and systems. The email message contains a checklist of several items you will need to do before you arrive, such as Activate Your Account, Sign Up for Duo, Complete your Demographic Information, Set Up Your Email, and much more. 


What you will need to submit:
  1. Copy of your orders
  2. Bio with professional picture and transcript
  3. Shirt Size
  4. Name, Email, Address, Phone info
  5. Set up an account with DocuSign (Non-OSU Sign In)


What you will need to have:

We wear different uniforms throughout the standard school week, so ensure you have a full compliment. 


Active Duty Service Members and Families:
House and apartment hunting:

In addition to Corvallis, towns to consider in the Willamette [will-LAM-it] Valley, are Albany, which is 13 miles away and Philomath [fill-LOWE-meth], which is about 7 miles away. Your sponsor can provide some resources and advice to aid in your housing search. 

Local associations within the area: