Naval ROTC provides education and training for young men and women in preparation for commissioning as officers in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.  Students are designated as midshipmen and receive extensive academic, physical, and leadership training while pursuing a degree in a field of their choice from the university.  OSU NROTC also provides many opportunities for midshipmen to participate in the battalion and the community. These activities provide leadership opportunities and create a positive, experiential learning environment.  Emphasizing sustained strong academic performance along with leadership and physical fitness training, the goal of NROTC is to develop each midshipman mentally, morally, and physically in preparation for assuming a position of high trust and responsibility as a commissioned officer in the naval service. 

Midshipmen take 3-5 credits of Naval Science most terms, in addition to 12 or more credits per term of classes required for their bachelor’s degree.  Naval Science classes are specifically intended to help midshipmen become proficient in basic naval officer skills and knowledge.  In addition to Naval Science and degree requirements, midshipmen must follow these general academic guidelines:

  • Calculus.  Three terms by end of sophomore year (not required for Marine option midshipmen).
  • Physics.  Three terms of calculus-based physics by end of junior year (not required for Marine option midshipmen).
  • English grammar and composition. Three terms.
  • National Security Policy/American Military Affairs.
  • Two terms of world culture and regional studies.

Battalion Study Hall

In order to maximize opportunities for academic success, most freshmen and midshipmen taking calculus and physics are required to attend five hours of study hall in the battalion each week.  Study hall is open every evening except Saturdays, with hired tutors and volunteer midshipmen tutors available.

Naval Science Leadership Lab

Midshipman participate in professional education/training and close-order drill for up to two hours per week.  Professional education/training is normally conducted before classes on Tuesday mornings, after which midshipmen wear the uniform of the day to classes (midshipmen wear civilian attire to class the rest of the week).  Freshmen and some upper-class midshipmen normally conduct close-order drill practice on Thursday mornings before classes, but midshipmen may choose to hold additional practices in preparation for upcoming competitions.

Physical Training and Athletics

All midshipmen participate in battalion physical training (PT) on Wednesday mornings.  Most midshipmen also participate in group PT on Monday mornings; those with high fitness test scores are exempted.  Midshipmen who have not yet met minimum fitness test standards participate in Fitness Enhancement Program training on Friday mornings.  Additionally, many midshipmen participate in intramural or varsity athletics.  Midshipmen also compete annually in the Army-Navy flag football game; in Joint Service Olympics versus the OSU Army and Air Force ROTC units; and in the Northwest Navy competition versus the NROTC units from the University of Washington, University of Idaho/Washington State University, and the University of Utah.

Command and Leadership Training

Midshipmen have the opportunity to demonstrate officer command and leadership qualities prior to commissioning.  The Beaver Battalion is structured to simulate an operational unit, allowing midshipmen to stress time management, personal accountability, management decision making, and command leadership.  Typically, midshipmen learn followership as freshmen.  As they class up, they are afforded opportunities to plan and coordinate major battalion functions, community volunteer activities, lead drill/color guard and inter/intra-unit competitive military exercises, and to practice battalion management and administration.

Summer Cruise Training

Midshipmen participate in 4-6 weeks of professional training each summer before commissioning.  See the summer cruise training link for details.

Military Clubs.  Within NROTC, special interest clubs allow midshipmen to learn more about the Navy and Marine Corps career paths and to take part in informal social events.

  • Semper Fi is a club for Marine option midshipmen that helps prepare them for Officer Candidate School (OCS), which takes place during the summer after the junior year. It is run by the Marine Officer Instructor/Assistant Marine Officer Instructor, MECEPs, and Marine option midshipmen who have already completed OCS.
  • The Submarine Club provides information about submarines, the nuclear power training pipeline, and career paths of submariners and nuclear qualified surface warfare officers.  An annual trip to the Commissioned Officer’s Submarine Ball is typically arranged where students can meet and converse with active submariners in a social setting. 
  • The Surface Warfare Club provides information on the surface warfare community.  Field trips are planned to visit Navy surface ships.
  • The Naval Special Warfare Club is for highly motivated midshipmen desiring to pursue careers as Navy SEALs or Marine Raiders.  They plan and execute demanding fitness workouts, involving high intensity and endurance strength and aerobic exercises.  Members also participate in the annual Iron Owl competition, an event that challenges their physical and mental endurance and honors fallen military members of the Special Operations Community.

Social Events.  Midshipmen take part in annual social events that build camaraderie and esprit de corps.  They also teach midshipmen about the customs and traditions of the naval service.  These events include the Fall Ball in celebration of the Navy and Marine Corps birthdays, and the Spring Ball and Senior Mess Night in honor of graduating seniors.