Prospective students have two options to apply to the Oregon State University Naval ROTC program: Scholarship Program or College Program.  High school students and first year college students may apply for a National Scholarship between April 1st and December 31st.  Prospective students who did not apply for, or were not awarded, a National Scholarship may still apply to join OSU Naval ROTC via the College Program.  Much like a “walk-on” in athletics, the College Program allows students to participate in Naval ROTC and affords them the opportunity to earn a three or two year scholarship.


STA-21 or MECEP Program

Please refer to the STA-21 or MECEP pages for specific instructions for these programs. 

Scholarship Program

Naval ROTC Scholarship benefits include full tuition, mandatory fees, a book allowance, uniforms, and a monthly stipend to students wishing to become a commissioned officer in the United States Navy and Marine Corps and serve on active duty for at least five years in the Navy or four years in the Marine Corps.  The NROTC scholarship is merit based and, once activated, minimum levels of academic, aptitude, and physical fitness performance are required to maintain the scholarship.  Application and program requirements can be found here

If you are a high school student or college student who was awarded a National Scholarship, congratulations!  The nation-wide selection process is highly competitive, so you should be justifiably proud.  We want you in the Beaver Battalion! 

College Program

If you did not apply for, or were not awarded, a National Scholarship, it is still possible for you to attend OSU as a Naval ROTC midshipman.  Just follow the application instructions below.  If accepted, you will become a member of the Naval ROTC program and receive many of the same education and training opportunities as Scholarship midshipmen. College Program students receive uniforms and Naval Science textbooks at no cost. You will not incur a service obligation for joining as a College Program midshipman unless you are awarded a scholarship or “advanced standing.”

College Program midshipmen have the opportunity to compete nationally for a three or two year Naval ROTC Scholarship or for College Program “advanced standing.”  Both provide a path to commissioning as an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps.  Students not selected for a scholarship or “advanced standing” before their junior year are not normally allowed to continue in the program.

How to apply for the College Program

Students may apply for College Program at any time. NROTC Oregon State University accepts applications on a rolling deadline throughout the year, but applying at least two weeks before the start of the term is recommended to ensure that you have access to New Student Orientation (NSO) and have developed a degree completion plan that meets NROTC requirements before beginning your first term.

Students are encouraged to submit College Program applications prior to 31 May to be eligible to attend New Student Indoctrination in Great Lakes, IL.

Prospective College Program students must complete and send the following documents to the Oregon State University Naval Science Department. 

The following documents must be submitted upon acceptance to the NROTC College Program. 

Prompt return of your Uniform Fitting Sheet is extremely important over the summer to ensure the availability of a properly fitted uniform in time for New Student Orientation. The uniform fitting sheet must be filled out by a qualified alterations professional, i.e., seamstress or tailor. If an alterations professional cannot be found in your community, ask your local cleaners if they have someone who can help you. 

If you are applying mid-academic year, please complete and send in the documents listed above.
After we have reviewed your complete application, we will contact you with more information.

Mail completed packets to:

NROTC - New Student Orientation
Oregon State University
160 Cascade Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331
FAX 541-737-3183

If you have any questions about the College Program application or the status of your application, please contact us or 541-737-6289.