If you are considering joining a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) program, here are 10 reasons you should consider the “Beaver Battalion” at Oregon State University.

1. Be a Part of Something Bigger  ​​​​​​

America’s Navy and Marine Corps have sought to promote U.S. interests, preserve the peace, and protect the homeland since the very beginnings of our nation.  NROTC midshipmen are grateful for the opportunity to lead Sailors and Marines as officers in the naval forces after they graduate.

2. Military History 

For more than a century, military training has been offered at Oregon State University.  OSU was founded under the Morrill Land-Grant College Act of 1862, which offered federal funds to colleges that taught military tactics and prepared young men (and now women) to serve their nation in both war and peace.  This led to the formation of an Army Cadet Corps in 1873, and the National Defense Act of 1916 led to the commissioning of the OSU NROTC unit in 1945. 

3. Unmatched College Experience 

Our new midshipmen find a sense of instant belonging at OSU NROTC.  The Beaver Battalion is a diverse group of supportive, high performing young men and women who share similar academic and professional goals.  And unlike the Service academies, NROTC midshipmen have the best of both worlds.  They enjoy the same college experience as any other student, while receiving the education and training necessary to become Navy and Marine Corps officers upon graduation.

4. Best in the West 

OSU NROTC is a leading commissioning source.  We commissioned the first women officers to serve on submarines.  Additionally, we are among only a few units to have a regulation obstacle course on campus.  Combined with miles of local hiking trails, our Marine option midshipmen are always equipped to outperform their peers at Officer Candidate School.  We commission Navy officers in all unrestricted line communities, including naval aviation, submarines, surface warfare, and naval special warfare.  Marine option students commission in aviation, ground combat and logistics. 

Our legacy of excellence has earned us the title, Best in the West…and the Rest!

5. World Class University Programs 

Oregon State is an international public research university that draws people from all 50 states and more than 100 countries.  It is one of only two land, sea, space and sun grant universities in the U.S.  Many OSU programs are among the highest ranked in the world: Forestry (#2), Oceanography (#3), Mycology (#8), Marine Biology (#8), Agriculture (#13), Robotics (#4 in the U.S.), Natural Resources (#4 in the U.S.), Advantage Accelerator Business Incubator (#8 in the U.S.), and Big Data (#10 in the U.S.).  Here are some additional facts about some of the colleges in the university:

  • The College of Science has the largest number of high achieving students at OSU, and over 60% of the undergraduates are women.  Thanks to a National Science Foundation grant, the College provides leadership in STEM innovation education for faculty and students across campus.
  • The College of Engineering has over $50 million in research funding and its own Leadership Academy.  It has awarded more computer science degrees than any other engineering school in the PAC-12, and midshipmen in Nuclear Science have access to a research reactor right on campus!
  • Students in the College of Business put knowledge into action from their first term on campus.  Freshman participate in a series of Business courses their first year where they will plan, start, and run their own microbusinesses.  The first year retention rate for Business students who participate in Innovation Nation is 90%.
  • Many of our midshipmen are in the College of Liberal Arts, the only college that guarantees that students will graduate in 4 years.

6. Top College Town 

Corvallis, Oregon has been ranked the #2 Friendliest College Town in America and a Top 10 College Town.  It is one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the nation.  Located near the coast, the mountains and Portland, the location is great for outdoor activities, food and arts and entertainment.

7. Academic Success 

The Beaver Battalion maintains an average GPA of 3.40 or better, which is well above the university average.  We take seriously our responsibility to help midshipmen make a successful transition from high school to college.  In addition to having a college advisor, every midshipman has a class advisor on the NROTC staff.  We provide math and physics tutors, and top performing midshipmen volunteer to tutor their peers.  We also help midshipmen take advantage of the many academic success resources available on campus, to include scholarships and financial aid.

8. University Support 

Oregon State University provides outstanding support to ROTC.  This includes a special interest living community in Finley Hall for Army, Air Force and Naval ROTC cadets and midshipmen.  It also includes operations and facilities support for the Department of Naval Science, military and Veteran resources, and financial aid and scholarships.

9. Community Respect 

The local community is a strong supporter of NROTC.  The Benton Community Foundation and other generous individuals help midshipmen defray the costs of attending college with scholarship funds awarded each spring.  Additionally, the Associated Military Leaders of Oregon sponsors and supports graduating seniors from the ROTC units.  Midshipmen regularly take part in volunteer events in the community, helping to make OSU NROTC one of the most respected institutions on campus and in our community.


10. Engaged Alumni 

Over 800 OSU NROTC alumni support the midshipmen of the Beaver Battalion.  They make it possible for midshipmen to travel for drill and athletic competitions; attend leadership conferences at universities like Yale, Notre Dame, and Michigan; take field trips to Navy and Marine Corps stations; and many other things that enhance the midshipman experience.  Additionally, our alumni donate scholarship funds to OSU to help ensure no deserving midshipman ever has to drop out of the program due to financial need.  Finally, our alumni interact and communicate with our midshipmen to share their experiences and provide valuable mentorship.