Two students in camouflage gear carrying a stretcher with a dummy on it.

Spring is a crucial time for the Semper Fi platoon, as it marks the period when Marine option midshipmen undergo rigorous Field Exercise (FEX) training at Camp Adair, Najaf Training Center. The FEX, held on April 28-30 this year, is an essential event designed to prepare these midshipmen for Officer Candidate School (OCS). Especially the 2/C MIDN (juniors) which it provides valuable hands-on experience in small-group leadership, which will prove invaluable as they progress in their military careers.

The recent Beaver Battalion Marine options' semi-annual FEX at Camp Adair focused on several key areas, such as day and night land navigation, offensive and defensive scouting missions, and small unit leadership practice. These activities are designed to familiarize Marine options with the critical skills and knowledge they will need at OCS and beyond.

In summary, the Field Exercise training provides Marine option midshipmen with a solid foundation in essential tactical and leadership skills, preparing them for the challenges they will face at Officer Candidate School. By participating in these semi-annual FEX events, the Marine options are better equipped to lead and make informed decisions in a variety of military scenarios. As a result, the Semper Fi platoon and the Beaver Battalion Marine options continue to uphold the high standards of the United States Marine Corps and develop into the strong leaders our nation needs."