NSO application forms and check list:

All midshipmen [  ] Uniform Fitting Sheet (male/female) -  Return ASAP or with the application.
All midshipmen [  ] Original Birth Certificate - Mail or bring your ORIGINAL birth certificate to us. We are required to make the certified copy from your original. It will be promptly return to you. Copies will NOT be accepted.
All midshipmen [  ] Record of Emergency Data (DD 0093) - Emergency contact information form. DO NOT include Social Security Number.
All midshipmen [  ] Immunization records - Include medically documented blood type from a clinic or hospital. (American Red Cross or donor cards not accepted.)
All midshipmen [  ] University housing room assignment - If not staying in housing, include your reason for exemption.
All midshipmen [  ] Social Security Card - Bring your original with you. No copies.
Scholarship ONLY [  ] Direct Deposit Form (1199A) - This form facilitates the Navy deposit directly into your personal bank account. Only fill out Section 1 parts A, D, E, F (selecting other and specifying NROTC Scholarship) and Section 3 name, address, and routing number.
College Program ONLY [  ] Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1) - The doctor’s physical exam must be performed within 90 days of the start of the fall term. 
College Program ONLY [  ] Drug Statement (NSTC 1533/101) - Students will sign the form as the Applicant. "Witness official" signature is left blank.
College Program ONLY [  ] Initial Physical Fitness Test (OSU IPFT) - Students will complete and have an evaluator witness and sign.